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Centinora Technologies is a team of young enthusiastic professionals with vast range of expertise in Web Designing, Software Development, Internet and Mobile Marketing solutions. We provide full featured web solutions to businesses across the world. We also act as an offshore web service development centre for overseas companies.
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iOS Apps Today provides the perfect starting point for iOS development. On your Mac, you can create iOS apps that run on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. View this guide's four short modules as a gentle introduction to building your first app—including the tools you need and the major concepts and best practices that will ease your path.
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These days the demand of smart phone is being increased and we have different types of client e.g. Touch Phone, tables, Note etc. The demands of the applications for these smart clients are constantly increasing and we have several operating systems for these smart clients e.g. Android, IOS and Windows etc. This article will provide a guideline to .net developer or beginners to develop Android Application.
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